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While we are all familiar with motion-detection technology in controlled indoor environments, the technology problem is much more complex when you add stray animals, wind-blown trees, weather-strewn debris and other dynamic variables into the mix. Source of information:

Source of information:

You can say a lot about Windows, but one of it’s strengths has always been in providing lots of different ways to accomplish tasks. This opens us up to all kinds of clever shortcuts and workarounds. We’d like to see your favorite tips. Source of information:

I thought it was about time to produce a post and tutorial on piled wall such as sheet piling, contiguous and secant piled systems. On a recent customer project we had to model some sheet piling and in previous projects I had used curtain systems to produce the layout with mixed results. Source of information:

Google Spreadsheet, the spreadsheet app of what was formerly Google Docs and is now Google Drive, already lets you do pretty cool things, including making your own RSS reader. Well, Google’s now amped it up with more functionality, including offline support and some cool features. Source of information:

Microsoft has just released a 3D builder for Windows 8.1, meaning Windows users will be able to print their own 3D objects. Yes, you will need a 3D printer. After that, Microsoft’s recently introduced app called 3D Builder for Windows 8. Source of information:

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