Geological survey

ģeoloģijas nodaļa - zondēšanas iekārta ziemā

We offer execution of geological and geotechnical survey works, as also water supply well installation works and quarry design.

We offer geotechnical survey for various type of designs:

  • Transport structures (highways, local roads, bridges, viaducts, tunnels, piers, airport runways, car parking lots);
  • Civil structures (high-rise and few storeys high buildings for offices, flats and manufactures, mansion willages, water and sewerage pipeline networks, gas stations,  mobile network communications masts and towers, biogas cogeneration stations, sport fields, schools and childrengardens, fish and firefighting ponds);
  • and many other types of structures.

Geotechnical calculations:

  • for foundation type selection, mutual analysis and reccomendations
  • foundation construction calculation
  • pile bearing capacity calculation

We offer geological survey for:

  • Quarries of raw materials for construction purposes – sand, gravel, peebles, dolomite, limestone, gypsum, clay, peat etc.
  • Onshore water projects (ponds and pond systems) if raw construction materials are to be extracted during project development.

Design works for:

  • Raw construction materials quarries and site recultivation
  • Quarries invetarization and calculation of residual reserves of raw construction materials

For survey works following methods are exploited:

Drilling and sampling works:

- core drilling up to ~ 75 m depth;

- dilling with flighted auger up to ~ 40 m depth;

- light percussion drilling up to ~ 10 m depth;

- flush-drilling up to ~ 130 m depth;

- soil and rock undisturbed and disturbed sampling with thin-wall samplers, corebarrels and flighted augers for estimation of soil and rock properties by laboratory testing.

In-situ testing methods:

- Cone penetration testing (CPT/u) with or without pore pressure measurements by electrical probe up to ~40 m depth

- Super heavy dynamic penetration testing (DPSH) up to ~ 30m depth

- Lightweight dynamic cone penetration testing for pavement CBR estimation

- Bearing capacity (Ev2 and Evd) estimation by plate loading test (PLT) or light falling weight deflectometer (FWD)

- Field vane tests (FVT) in weak soils

Map of recent geotechnical / geological survey projects (from 01.01.2011.):